Refuel Band

Deep down in a cellar somewhere in the outskirts of Zurich, the noise is excruciatingly loud. Gee roars his words into the microphone, while Lars turns his guitar into a riff machine. Add Lieny’s gut-punching bass and Rodge beating the living daylights out of his drums like Muhammad Ali used to do to his opponents back in the days, and you’ve got yourself the soundtrack for the next doomsday movie. Or basically any movie featuring the world going down. Well, welcome to Refuel.

Formed in 1999 by Lars, Lieny, Rodge and their former singer Don, the alternative rock four-piece soon built a reputation in the local music scene for their dark, heavy sound, a feeling for big melodies, and their sweat-ridden shows. In 2005, after six years, numerous gigs in Switzerland and abroad, a three-track EP and one full-length album, the band decided to call it a day. At least for a while.

Eight years later, Refuel return with new singer Gee and their second album, “Going Down”. Recorded in spring 2013 in Bienne, Switzerland, by Jessi Brustolin (Karma to Burn, Scream Your Name, Treekillaz) and featuring an unusual cameo appearance by stoner rock legend Will Mecum of Karma to Burn, the eight songs combine heavy sound with dark atmosphere and lyrics touching upon loss, desperation, total indifference, schadenfreude – anything that comes up when you’re going down the rabbit hole.

Refuel are back, heavier than ever – fueled up and ready to get down to serious business.


Signor Gee – Voice           Gee


Herr Lars – Guitar            Lars

Monsieur Lieny – Bass     Lieny

Mister Rodge – Drums     Rodge